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Private Label and Contract Manufacturing

chapstick, lip balm tube

Standard Lip Balm Tube (0.15 oz)

This is your standard ChapStick style tube used for lip balms.

body balm, big stick

Big Stick (0.50 oz)

Larger stick commonly used for:

  • all over body balms

  • dry feet

  • tattoo

lip balm tube, chapstick

Chic Tube (0.15 oz)

Stylish tube that carries the same amount of product as the standard lip balm tube.


  • ISO 22716 Cosmetic GMP Certified

  • Capacity - 35 Million Units Annually

  • Fully Automated, High Speed Filling Lines

  • Hot Melt (lip balms & other wax based products) Filling Expertise



Deeply personalized service to ensure your success.

Quality Control

Product quality is controlled with strict batching systems. With multiple vision cameras, laser sensors, and trained staff, product output is rigorously measured to ensure quality.


We offer highly competitive pricing.


Minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

5,000 sticks per flavor.

Is CITCO GMP Certified?

Yes, we are ISO 22716 GMP certified for cosmetics. 

Types of containers we fill?

  • Standard "chapstick" style sticks (0.15oz / 4.2g)
  • Euro style tubes (0.15oz / 4.2g)
  • Common sun stick or glue stick size (0.50oz / 14.2g)
  • Or bring us your preferred container

What kind of formulas does CITCO provide?

We offer several stock formulas including all natural and synthetic. We can also develop custom formulas for a nominal development fee.

What flavors do you provide?

We have approximately 2 dozen in-stock flavors (natural and non-natural). We can also source custom flavors.

Does CITCO provide labeling?

For larger order quantities, we will quote pricing with labels included. For smaller order quantities, we recommend purchasing labels from our approved label suppliers.

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